Liquid phase coating equipment

Freegy is glad to present equipment and systems for applying liquid materials by ultrasonic spraying. Devices and equipment using ultrasonic spraying are now being successfully used in the electronic industry, in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, medicine, the food industry and many other areas.

Thanks to the emergence of new  classes of chemical materials for the formation of hardening, hydrophobic / oleophobic, hydrophilic and other protective coatings,  energy-saving coatings by the methods of liquid-phase deposition allows the use of ultrasonic spraying instead of vacuum deposition methods. The use of atmospheric plasma treatment for activation and plasma-chemical deposition of coatings in combination with liquid-phase deposition provide the formation of high-quality functional coatings comparable with coatings by the vacuum methods manufactured. Lower material consumption, energy saving and low R&D cost in comparison with vacuum technologies make the ultrasonic liquid-phase deposition method more economical on an industrial scale.

The staff of Freegy will be glad to cooperate in the field of ultrasonic deposition systems. We are ready to offer ultrasonic deposition systems with the ability of integrate into existing equipment, as well as separate systems for self-assembly.

Ultrasonic deposition systems can be equipped with generator units, scanning systems, and mounting brackets - on request.

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