To improve the safety and comfort of operating the vehicle in hard weather conditions: rainy weather, snowfall, a winter city and after Anti-icing road treatment, we recommend applying Freegy oleophobic or hydrophobic coating to your car’s windows and mirrors.

The hydrophobic properties of the coating prevent the formation of a water film on the surface of the glass, what making it difficult to drive, and ensure the removal of water droplets by the air flow start from a speed of 45-55 km/h for oleophobic coating and 60-70 km/h for hydrophobic coating. There is no need to use wiper blades after speed more than 90 km/h, at lower speeds they are used much less frequently.

Main advantages:

- improving visibility during snow, rain, low temperature;

- self-cleaning of the glass surface and reducing the consumption of windshield fluid;

- the glass surface becomes more slippery, increasing the life of wiper blades and reducing the sound of their work;

- ice and snow are easily removed from the glass surface due to the anti-icing properties of the coating;

- any paint, oil, organic and other agents are removed from such a coating easily without leaving marks;

On the side windows and mirrors, the oleophobic coating service life is more than 2 years or 60.000km.

The service life of a hydrophobic coating on a windshield of a car is about 3 months or 10.000km., on side windows and mirrors up to 2 years or up to 40000 km.

We guarantee the preservation of the properties of the oleophobic coating on the windshield of the car for 6 months or 20.000 km.

Coating properties

Water does not form a film on the surface, but is collected in drops.
Dirt repellent
The item can not be dirty, dirt flows from the surface along with water droplets
Low surface energy dramatically reduces the adhesion of water in both the liquid and solid phases.
Anti Vandal
Any dirt can be easily removed from the treated surface
Другие свойства

Driving in a car with oleophobic coating on glasses

Weather conditions: winter road, sleet, rain and mud suspension from the cars in front

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