Coatings improve the thermal insulation of rooms, limiting the transmission of infrared radiation

Purpose of coatings

Energy-saving coatings are environmentally friendly multi-functional coatings designed for application on glass products such as windows of buildings and vehicles, glass partitions and doors etc. Coatings allow in the warm season reduce the using of air conditioners indoors and to avoid losses on its heating in winter.

The coatings almost completely reflect ultraviolet light, which makes it possible to save furniture and other interior elements that are susceptible to aging from ultraviolet radiation, as well as reduce the chance of skin cancer and fruits and vegetables spoilage. They block of the infrared light in the summer, decreasing heating the surfaces in the room, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and reflect of the infrared light leaking in the winter from the room, what reduces the costs of heating the room. At the same time the coating almost completely transparent that does not affect human light perception.

The main difference of the Energy-saving coatings offered by our company from the existing on the market i-glasses (Low E) is the possibility of applying them to already installed structures!!!

The coatings are resistant to various climatic influences and are intended for use in the open air.

Characteristics of energy-saving coatings Freegy

  • The service life more than 10 years or more than 3000 cycles of cleaning;

  • In summer, the temperature difference between the room and the street from 5 to 10 Co;

  • In winter, save warm indoors;

  • Transparency for visible light is more than 80%, which has almost no effect on light perception and brightness of light.

  • Reflects more than 90% of ultraviolet radiation;

  • In the summer, block more than 90% of infrared light, preventing the room from overheating;

  • In winter, more than 90% of the internal heat radiation effectively delays, preventing heat loss.

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