Glass advertising constructions, such as billboards, signboards, decorative lighting elements, etc. often exposed to external factors of weather and human curiosity, especially in the case of installing them in crowded places or outside in condition of street infrastructure. To preserve the appearance and attractiveness of advertising constructions, we recommend protecting them with dirt-repellent oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings from Freegy.

Main advantages:

- excellent readability of advertising information in hard weather conditions;

-protects the surface of constructions from the formation of oily and greasy stains;

- decreases the fingerprints contamination;

- protects the glass surface from chemicals contained in precipitation and dust, preventing degradation;

- easy to cleaning of constructions;

- protects from mud stains after water drops;

- increases the time between cleanings, at least twice, reducing the cost of cleaning services;

- long preserves the appearance of the product, what attracting people;

The combination of the properties of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity allows to create unique advertising that evident when the temperature changes sharply (from cold to heat) or when water droplets hit the surface (rain, fog).

These coatings also have anti-vandal properties: any paint, cement, and other contaminants are removed, not leaving traces.

The service life of hydrophobic coatings (depending on the type) is from 2 to 10 years.

The service life of oleophobic coatings over 6 years.

Coating properties

Any dirt can be easily removed from the treated surface
Reduces the ability of the cover surface retaining oils from your finger
Dirt repellent
The item can not be dirty, dirt flows from the surface along with water droplets
Anti Lime
Prevent lime scale deposits on wet areas with intense evaporation (showers, pools, saunas, aquariums)
Low surface energy dramatically reduces the adhesion of water in both the liquid and solid phases.
Water does not form a film on the surface, but is collected in drops.
Self-cleaning of the surface prevents the formation of a nutrient medium for the growth and development of mold and other microorganisms
Water droplets easily roll off the surface with dust particles and other contaminants.
Другие свойства

Water and oil drops on the oleophobic coating

Anti-vandal properties of oleophobic coating

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