Representative and promotional products

Would you like to add a highlight to luxury original products of glass and ceramics add importance to glass awards and souvenirs or add additional dirt-repellent and wear-resistant properties to glass products and their parts? We are recommended applying Freegy oleophobic coatings on your products.

Main advantages:

- protection of the glass surface from degradation;

- decreases fingerprints contamination;

- easy to cleaning, just wipe the product with a paper or cotton napkin;

- pleasant tactile sensations (effect of a velvet surface) due to the low coefficient of friction, which is several times lower than that of the glass;

-antibacterial properties of oleophobic coating improve the hygiene of the use the device;

- protects from mud stains after water drops;

-wear of the product is reduced, due to the low coefficient of friction, the dust slides off the surface without causing damage;

- long preserves the appearance of the product, what attracting people;

The combination of the properties of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity allows to create unique advertising that evident when the temperature changes sharply (from cold to heat) or when water droplets hit the surface (rain, fog).

These coatings also have anti-vandal properties: any paint, cement, and other contaminants are removed, not leaving traces.

The service life of oleophobic coating is more than 6 years.

Coating properties

Self-cleaning of the surface prevents the formation of a nutrient medium for the growth and development of bacteria
Reduces the ability of the cover surface retaining oils from your finger
Dirt repellent
The item can not be dirty, dirt flows from the surface along with water droplets
Water does not form a film on the surface, but is collected in drops.
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