Plasma treatment equipment

Freegy is glad to present atmospheric plasma processing equipment and systems. Devices and equipment for atmospheric plasma treatment are successfully used in medicine, science, light and heavy industry as well as in the domestic service, hygiene, catering and agriculture. Thanks to the achievements of modern science, the spectrum of using of atmospheric plasma is expanding every day, increasingly displacing costly, harmful to the environment and not always effective industrial methods for the preparation and treatment of surfaces and media.

Pretreatment with atmospheric plasma cleans the surface of microorganisms and organic substances, disinfects it, activates the surface, increases adhesion to the surface, modifies the surface layer of materials. The low temperature of atmospheric plasma allows processing all types of materials - from plastics, metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and composites.

The use of various combinations of working gases and liquids as a working medium allows using the atmospheric plasma to modify the chemical composition of the surface, as well as apply functional coatings of different composition and purpose.

One of the applications of atmospheric plasma is the treatment, sterilization and disinfection of air, the aqueous medium and plant products, the removal of odors in rooms and vehicles.

In each case, the use of atmospheric plasma requires an individual approach and the choice of a suitable atmospheric discharge system.

Freegy company offer different types of atmospheric plasma discharge systems depending on the type of tasks:

  • Streamer extended barrier discharge (contact / contactless);

  • Gliding arc discharge;

  • Surface dielectric barrier discharge;

  • Plasma Jet (barrier discharge/arc discharge);

  • Remote plasma discharge;

  • System for medium disinfection .

The staff of Freegy will be glad to cooperate in the field of atmospheric plasma technology. We are ready to offer atmospheric plasma processing systems with the ability of integrate into existing equipment, as well as separate plasma systems for self-assembly.


Plasma systems can be equipped with power supply units, scanning systems, and mounting brackets - on request.

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