Weatherproof coatings with hydrophobic properties

Purpose of coatings

Coatings are designed to save the transparency of the glass contacted with water droplets that contain contaminating particles. Coating protect glass from pollute liquids such as rain, snow or hard water, preventing the formation of mud and limescale on it.

Liquids gather in balls and drain off with mud and other contaminants.

The hydrophobic properties of the surface prevent the formation of a water film on the treated surface that save the optical properties without optical interferences of glasses, mirrors, headlights, displays, screens, optical products, etc.,  in a humid tropical or temperate climate.

In the cold season, the coating exhibits anti-icing properties of the surface.

Specifications of hydrophobic coating from Freegy

  • Service life 1-2 years;

  • Are not destroyed under the influence of household detergents (except for containing abrasives);

  • Have medium * mechanical resistance (withstands from 100 to 300 cycles of abrasion with metal wool with a load of 1 kg / cm2);

  • Excellent dirt-repellent properties (wetting angle with water> 100 degrees);

* mechanical stability is more than 10 times higher than that of coatings containing silicone;

Mud-repellent properties of a hydrophobic coating

Transparency of glass with a hydrophobic coating in contact with water droplets

Dirt-resistant coating properties

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