Weatherproof coatings with hydrophilic properties

Purpose of coatings

Coatings are designed to save the transparency of the glass, disturbed by the formation of condensate, with fast temperature changes. Condensate can formed in different cases , for example: when moving from a cold to a warm room - glasses; in the spaces separated by glass of  with warm humid and cold air - greenhouses, goggles and helmets, saunas; with a fast change of air temperature - solar panels.

Water, falling on a hydrophilic surface, does not form droplets, but is distributed by a thin film and ensures the removal of water without the formation of droplets.

These coatings have antistatic properties that protect the surface from dust sticking.

Characteristics of hydrophilic coatings from Freegy

  • The service life of 5 years on the facades of buildings, 10 years on solar panels;

  • Are not destroyed under the influence of household detergents (except for containing abrasives);

  • Excellent hydrophilic properties (wetting angle with water <5 degrees);

  • Antistatic properties ensure the removal of contaminants from the surface by the air flow;

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