The unique properties of Freegy's oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings make it possible to create dishes of a new generation that can surprise the most sophisticated user.

The coating on the surface add dishes self-cleaning properties, it can be washed practically without using detergents with low water, what is especially important in the modern world. Such dishes are Eco-friendly, not harmful to the environment and absolutely safe for humans.

Coating add useful properties that prevent spillage of liquid by surface of the neck when using kettles, teapots, decanters and other vessels. It allows to create them in various forms and gives unsurpassed comfort when used. Oleophobic coatings on various type of glasses allow to create elite dishes, the liquid in such glasses does not wet walls and looks like mercury. Feeling of velvet when touching the glass will allow you to fully enjoy the process of tasting.

Main advantages:

- protections of the surface of the dishes from aging;

- decreases the fingerprints contamination;

- easy to clean, enough to rinse the dishes with a small amount of water;

- pleasant tactile sensations (effect of a velvet surface) due to the low coefficient of friction, which is several times lower than that of the glass;

- antibacterial properties of oleophobic coating improve the hygiene of the use the device;

- food and drinks do not stick to the surface of the dish;

- a fascinating visual effect of drinking liquids, moving of liquid looks like mercury;

-allows comfortable use of vessels for liquids.

The combination of the properties of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity allows creating unique advertising that evident when the temperature changes sharply (from cold to heat) or when water droplets hit the surface (rain, fog).

The service life of oleophobic coating is more than 6 years.

Coating properties

Self-cleaning of the surface prevents the formation of a nutrient medium for the growth and development of bacteria
Reduces the ability of the cover surface retaining oils from your finger
Dirt repellent
The item can not be dirty, dirt flows from the surface along with water droplets
Water does not form a film on the surface, but is collected in drops.
Другие свойства

Water outflow from oleophobic coated glass

Whiskey in a glass with oleophobic coating

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