Architectural glazing

Freegy's hydrophobic coatings will keep your glass clean for a long time and significantly increase the time between cleaning them thereby reducing the cost of cleaning services. The hydrophobic surface will provide partial self-cleaning of glasses during rain, improving the light transmission and appearance of the glazing during operation.


Main advantages:


- better light transmission due to self-cleaning of the surface;

- reduction of mud stains in case of water droplets;

- The time between cleaning the glass can be approximately doubled reducing maintenance costs;

- coatings protect glass from fungi, moss, algae;

- The glass surface is protected from degradation and leaching;

- snow and ice are easily removed from the surface due to the anti-icing properties of the coating.

- anti-vandal properties of coatings allow you to easily get rid of any type of pollution, including cement and paint.



The service life of coatings is 6 years or more.

Coating properties

Self-cleaning of the surface prevents the formation of a nutrient medium for the growth and development of bacteria
Reduces the ability of the cover surface retaining oils from your finger
Dirt repellent
The item can not be dirty, dirt flows from the surface along with water droplets
Prevent lime scale deposits on wet areas with intense evaporation (showers, pools, saunas, aquariums)
Low surface energy dramatically reduces the adhesion of water in both the liquid and solid phases.
Water does not form a film on the surface, but is collected in drops.
Self-cleaning of the surface prevents the formation of a nutrient medium for the growth and development of mold and other microorganisms
Water droplets easily roll off the surface with dust particles and other contaminants.
Другие свойства

Dirt-resistant properties of the protective coating

Anti-vandal properties of the protective coating

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